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Zoom and Gloom

8 min | Bristol, UK

Nicholas Jones

After an ill fated trip to a supermarket, Lina returns home with more than toilet roll""

With productivity at an all time low and a 4 year old to entertain, making a ""home movie"" for shelter shorts seemed like the perfect way to spend a day. Took a few weeks longer than expected...

Thanks to Dr Manos Ioannou for his vital cameo. (he's not actually a doctor)

Steven Dove for bringing the whole thing to life with his cosmic score.

Alex Grigoras talking me through lighting solutions and then colour grading over my ineptitude as a cinematographer. (On this occasion, it really was a case of fixing it in post)

Thank you to all of our talented filmmakers for helping us meet our goal of over $10,000 in support of

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