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2 min | Los Angeles

RJ Collins

"SPECTROPHOBIA // Horror Short — While in quarantine a girl discovers her reflection has a mind of its own.

Amidst the shutdown of Los Angeles and the entertainment industry, writer/director RJ Collins and actor/writer Jenna Lex put pen to paper and created a horror short film in their apartment in Glendale. Spectrophobia follows a young woman, appropriately quarantining solo in her apartment, as she discovers her reflection has a mind of its own.

The idea for Spectrophobia came from a hike around the neighborhood when both RJ and Jenna were frustrated their current projects were on hold and they felt unfulfilled artistically. Within 24 hours, they came up with a quick, easily digestible horror short that can be watched in the amount of time your coffee brews in the morning. At 90 seconds, there’s barely a chance for audiences to catch their breath as they follow this young woman and her defected reflection.

The challenges they faced figuring out how to practically shoot one actor as her reflection rebels against her in one consecutive shot was highly technical. To achieve the effect RJ and Jenna created a dance-like counting system to replicate the movements in each shot, thus allowing them to double Jenna's actions. "

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