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5 min | Australia

Russell Quinto

"The year is 2020. The whole world has come to a halt, gripped by a global pandemic that no-one saw coming. Borders were closed, flights were cancelled and people were ordered to lock down in their own homes.

We've seen the news. We've all watched and read social media feeds about how this has affected nations on a global scale. On a microscopic level, however, how do we - particularly the most vulnerable of us - deal with this reality?

Some of us will succumb with terror and let fear takes its reigns, but some people have been living their entire lives for this moment. To them, this is not the new normal, but simply just another day.

Until they become a victim of their own devices.

Created for #sheltershorts for Short Of The Week. The idea is to make a short film filmed at the location where you are sheltering and using cast crew of the people you are sheltering with.

Written, Directed & Edited by: Russell Quinto

Starring: Bianca Quinto

Production Assistant: Joy Quinto

Gaffer: Carlos Quinto

Special thanks to:

Noelle Segundo

Carlo Cruz

""La Traviata, Brindisi (Verdi)"" by MIT Symphony Orchestra

A RedCab Media Production"

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